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What is MyChatHub?

MyChatHub is a social platform where you have different chat rooms for different topics. You can enter the room and join the conversation with other members who are interested in the topic of the room. You can get answers to your problem, explore new ideas by interacting with people and lots of other potentials.

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Reasons why people love chat rooms like MyChatHub

The Internet has changed the way we communicate with people around the world, and hence there are lots of reasons why chat rooms are so famous, some of those reasons are pointed out here:

  • Anonymity.: This is the most common reason why people love to use chat rooms. Y'all are anonymous. People don't know you personally. They only know what you have told them about yourself.

  • Chat with strangers: It's human nature to enjoy surprises and new people are full of surprises. That is why people like to chat with strangers online. It's fun to know about other people, their likes and dislikes, etc.

  • Get problems solved: People in different chat rooms are likely to be smart enough on the topic of that chatroom and he or she may help you solve your problem in that specific field. For example, you can join the "Developers" room and you can ask questions to others related to programming.

  • Don't feel lonely: It's very easy to log in and have a bunch of people you can talk to and share ideas and thoughts. If you are depressed, there are rooms where you can find people to share your heavy heart and get your mood lighted.

Chat rooms are here for decades, people come to escape tense life and have a nice time chatting with people from all around the world. There are lots of rooms on our website, which will suit you according to your interests.

Features of MyChatHub

Features of Mychathub


MyChatHub has a responsive user interface so that you can use it with compatibility on both your phone or computer.


MyChatHub uses web-socket technology to provide you a real-time interface to interact with.

Progressive Web App

Add our web app to your home screen by clicking the download button on the top and experience the fast and native app-like version of our chatroom.

Push Notification

The push notification feature is available to keep you updated with new messages and notifications. Allow notification permission to use this feature.

How to get started with MyChatHub

How to get started with MyChatHub?

MyChatHub can be used by registering your account with a username, email, and password only or you can even visit as a guest. To create a guest account you only need to choose a username and your temporary account will be created for one-time use.

After that, you will be listed with the number of chat rooms. You can use search to find rooms of your interest and then hit the Enter Room button. You can chat either personally with the people in that room by sending personal messages or you can chat in the room chatbox of that chat room.

You can send text messages, share images, videos, or audios (up to 4mb) with others. You can also share the direct link of images, videos, or audios from other sites, and the file will be instantly shown on the screen. You can tag members in a room by clicking their name or by even writing their name.

Anonymity tips from MyChatHub

Anonymity tips from MyChatHub

Use premium VPN services to access the website to protect your IP address from leaking in any way from hackers or frauds.

Don't tell anyone your personal details unless you trust that person. It's your responsibility to keep yourself safe from hackers and spammers on the internet.

Do not share your image, media, or any other social ID with others that can potentially harm your anonymity.

More Features

Lots of emojis

Lots of emojis to make your conversation interesting and fun. Share your every emotion with emojis.

Make your own rooms

Create your own rooms and invite your friends and enjoy yourself with them.

Block annoying people

Don't get your inbox filled with spams. Block those people who are annoying.

People from all around the world

Get connected globally to people all around the world from different corners.


We have three different plans, for our chatroom with very liberal pricing


$0 month

  • Chat in rooms
  • Personal chat Messages
  • Share media files
  • Add to friend list
  • Animated emojis
  • Stylish stickers
  • Video Call
  • Create a New Room
Visit as Guest


$5 month

  • Chat in rooms
  • Personal chat Messages
  • Share media files
  • Add to friend list
  • Animated emojis
  • Stylish stickers
  • Video Call
  • Create a New Room
Coming Soon

Frequently Asked Questions

We have listed out some of the frequently asked questions with their answer to help you when you need

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